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Elexis Monroe Vital Stats:
Height:  5"6
Age:  34
Measurements:  36D-26-35
Bust:  36D
Waist:  26
Hips:  35
Shoe Size:  8.5
Place Of Birth:  California
Marital Status:  Single
Pets:  Cat & Dog
Favorite Color:  Red
Favorite TV Shows:  Documentaries, Cooking, Travel
Favorite Books:  Lord of the Flies (childhood), too many now
Favorite Movies:  Documentaries, Comedies, all John Cusack, horror. John Hughes movies
Favorite Magazines:  None
Favorite Web Sites:  Photography, Travel, News
Favorite Music:  80's, Classic Rock, EDM, Classical, Jazz. Almost anything.
Favorite Food:  Anything I cook. Sushi. Italian. Cucumber salad
Favorite Drink:  Peach tea
What Is Your Favorite Time Of The Day?:  Sunset
What Is Your Educational Background?:  High School. College.
Do You Speak Any Other Languages?:  Sign Language
What Are Some Of The Places You Have Traveled And Which Is Your Favorite?:  Florida, Budapest, Germany, Prague, Lake Mead, San Francisco, Half Moon Bay, East Coast.
What Is Your Favorite Holiday?:  Halloween & Xmas
What Is Your Dream Car?:  Classic cars
What Is Your Current Occupation?:  Model, Writer, Director, Camera girl, Cam woman.
What Is Your Dream Occupation?:  Directing, Writing. Working with animals
What Is Your Favorite Place To Shop?:  Groceries or food
Do You Watch Sports? Fav team?:  Denver Broncos, UFC, Boxing.
Do You Play Any Sports?:  Football, Badminton, Tennis, Swim
What Are Your Hobbies?:  Music, Photography, Writing, Traveling, Dancing, Learning
Nothing Comes Between Me And...:  my daughter and I.
My Worst Habit Is::  Doubt
The One Thing I Cannot Stand Is:  Fake people.
What Animal Best Describes Your Personality And Why?:  Bear. Momma Bear. I will hibernate, hunt or do whatever necessary to take care of my baby cub. I'm very loving and cuddle worthy. If you hunt or attack me, I will come for you. I enjoy nature, outdoors, and can roam for months
People Who Knew Me In High School Thought I Was:  Vivacious
How Do You Relax Or Spend Your Free Time?:  With my kid, friends, family. Writing. Traveling. Beach. Walking. Hiking. Exploring.
What Has Been The Happiest Moment Of Your Life?:  My moments of impact.
The Best Advice You've Ever Been Given Was:  "Be who you are and say what you feel. Those that mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind."
The Worst Advice You've Ever Been Given Was:  Trusting someone.
What Do You Feel Is Your Best Physical Feature?:  Smile, skin, feet, breasts.
What Type Of Panties Do You Wear?:  Boy shorts. None.
Describe Your Ideal Man Or Woman:  Someone who has passion. Lots of passion in anything they do.
Does Size Matter? What Is The Ideal Size?:  Not to me. The ideal size is attached to whatever person I choose to be with
Describe The First Time You Had Sex:  t was with a girlfriend of mine. Curious, nervous, unaware, excited, short. ;)
What Is The Most Unusual Place You've Ever Had Sex?:  Koala Kingdom. Yet to be determined.
What Turns You Off?:  Starfish. People with no passion or enthusiasm. Ugly dirty feet. Stinking people.
What Makes You Feel The Most Desirable?:  Eye contact.
The Best Way To Give You An Orgasm Is:  Be completely 100% with me in the moment. Many different ways... Even just nibbling and kissing my neck, slowly, breathing heavy down my skin, touching my body. Grabbing it with your hands and caressing it.
What Has Been Your Most Pleasurable Orgasm:  So far, fireplace. So far! I believe there's more.
Your Favorite Sexual Position Is:  All except reverse CG, for the most part.
Do You Masturbate? If so How Often?:  Sometimes I'll go months without it. Yes, months. Then I'll do it 5 times in a hr. changes like the weather. Inconstant.
What Fetishes Are You Into?:  Too many and so many to yet to seen.
Describe A Typical Day In Your Life:  I wake up early. Kid to school. Work. Shop. Visit mom. Clean house. Make work calls. Animals. Pick up kid. She needs lunch. Spend time with her. Homework. Outdoor activity. She plays, more work. Dinner. Shower. Bed. I relax. TV. Wine. Animal time. Sleep... This is not every day but many. Other wise I'm out of town, working, she's gone. Then it's a different story.
Do You Have Any Sexual Curiosities?:  Waterfall and/or love in the rain. I'd even consider a kiss at this point. Hot Air Ballon. Elevator.
Describe In Detail Your Favorite Sexual Fantasy:  What I have yet to xperince but know I will someday. Moments of impact.
Describe Your Idea Of The Perfect Date:  Perfect all depends in the moment and who I would be with. A kiss that could stop my heart for a second. We can start with that.
If You Could Be Photographed In Any Way, What Would You Choose:  Water. Underwater. Rain, B&W. Artistic. Costume. Desert. More make up, no one ever does make up on me. Outdoors.

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