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Mona Wales Vital Stats:
Height:  5'10"
Age:  30
Measurements:  32A-26"-36"
Bust:  32A
Waist:  26"
Hips:  36"
Shoe Size:  7.5
Place Of Birth:  California
Marital Status:  Open
Pets:  Pansy the do
Favorite Color:  Green
Favorite TV Shows:  True Detective
Favorite Movies:  Milo and Otis
Favorite Music:  RnB
Favorite Food:  pasta
Favorite Drink:  water
What Is Your Favorite Time Of The Day?:  Terror hour
What Is Your Educational Background?:  College philosophy
Do You Speak Any Other Languages?:  Spanish, Some German/French
What Are Some Of The Places You Have Traveled And Which Is Your Favorite?:  All over. Barcelona is my favorite.
What Is Your Favorite Holiday?:  Steak and Blow Job Day
What Is Your Dream Car?:  My 1978 Royal Holiday RV
What Is Your Current Occupation?:  Porn Performer
What Is Your Dream Occupation?:  Porn
What Is Your Favorite Place To Shop?:  The streets of SF
Do You Watch Sports? Fav team?:  Nah
Do You Play Any Sports?:  Tonsil Tennis
What Are Your Hobbies?:  Guitar, traveling
Nothing Comes Between Me And...:  my dog, Pansy.
My Worst Habit Is::  Telling people what I think.
The One Thing I Cannot Stand Is:  Willful ignorance
What Animal Best Describes Your Personality And Why?:  My dog, Pansy, because she is my spirit animal.
People Who Knew Me In High School Thought I Was:  Invisible.
How Do You Relax Or Spend Your Free Time?:  Travel, play guitar, walk my dog
What Has Been The Happiest Moment Of Your Life?:  Every moment
The Best Advice You've Ever Been Given Was:  If you can't get over someone, get under someone.
What Type Of Panties Do You Wear?:  None
Describe Your Ideal Man Or Woman:  Submissive
Does Size Matter? What Is The Ideal Size?:  No
Describe The First Time You Had Sex:  Lost it to my gay friend
What Turns You Off?:  None
What Makes You Feel The Most Desirable?:  Self esteem
The Best Way To Give You An Orgasm Is:  Rough G-Spot stimulation
What Has Been Your Most Pleasurable Orgasm:  Too many to remember
Do You Masturbate? If so How Often?:  Yes all the time
What Fetishes Are You Into?:  All of them
Describe A Typical Day In Your Life:  Wake up, walk dogs, make porn
Do You Have Any Sexual Curiosities?:  No I've done it all
Describe In Detail Your Favorite Sexual Fantasy:  Having sex with my nurse on my death bed.
Describe Your Idea Of The Perfect Date:  Someone doing my laundry

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Red Wolf
Just love her. Amazing, great body!