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Silky Thighs Lou Vital Stats:
Height:  5'7"
Age:  46
Measurements:  38c-30-36
Bust:  38c
Waist:  30
Hips:  36
Shoe Size:  6
Place Of Birth:  Walsall
Marital Status:  widowed
Pets:  none
Favorite Color:  purple
Favorite TV Shows:  NCIS
Favorite Books:  Sherlock Holmes
Favorite Movies:  Van Helsing
Favorite Magazines:  Cricket Monthly
Favorite Web Sites:  eBay
What Is Your Favorite Time Of The Day?:  Evening
What Is Your Educational Background?:  Degree
Do You Speak Any Other Languages?:  A little French and German
What Are Some Of The Places You Have Traveled And Which Is Your Favorite?:  The Maldives, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore
What Is Your Favorite Holiday?:  Beach
What Is Your Dream Car?:  Jaguar
What Is Your Current Occupation?:  modle, music teacher
What Is Your Favorite Place To Shop?:  Agent Provoceteur
Do You Watch Sports? Fav team?:  Cricket fan, Rugby Union, Formula 1
Do You Play Any Sports?:  swimming, rinning
What Are Your Hobbies?:  photography, photo-editing, cooking
Nothing Comes Between Me And...:  my bath
My Worst Habit Is::  wearing my heart on my sleeve
The One Thing I Cannot Stand Is:  bad spelling
What Animal Best Describes Your Personality And Why?:  cougar
People Who Knew Me In High School Thought I Was:  teachers pet
How Do You Relax Or Spend Your Free Time?:  my hobbies
What Has Been The Happiest Moment Of Your Life?:  marrying my second husband
The Best Advice You've Ever Been Given Was:  don't go to bed on an argument
The Worst Advice You've Ever Been Given Was:  lie
What Do You Feel Is Your Best Physical Feature?:  eyes and legs
What Type Of Panties Do You Wear?:  none
Describe Your Ideal Man Or Woman:  tall, strong, and not afraid to admit his feelings
Does Size Matter? What Is The Ideal Size?:  no. not relevant
What Is The Most Unusual Place You've Ever Had Sex?:  show house
What Turns You Off?:  bad breath
What Makes You Feel The Most Desirable?:  sexy lingerie
The Best Way To Give You An Orgasm Is:  experiement
What Has Been Your Most Pleasurable Orgasm:  multiple
Your Favorite Sexual Position Is:  doggy
Do You Masturbate? If so How Often?:  yes, when the feeling arises
What Fetishes Are You Into?:  leather, h20
Describe A Typical Day In Your Life:  there is no typical day
Do You Have Any Sexual Curiosities?:  done, and got the tshirt
Describe In Detail Your Favorite Sexual Fantasy:  outdoors
Describe Your Idea Of The Perfect Date:  wine and dine
If You Could Be Photographed In Any Way, What Would You Choose:  naked, on horseback

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Silky Thighs Lou
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Silky Thighs Lou
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Silky Thighs Lou
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